Birthday Parties Brampton

Must-Haves for a Perfect Birthday Party

If you are planning a birthday party for yourself or a friend this summer and you want it to be deemed the “Best Party of the Year”, you are going to want to plan something they will never forget! You will want to plan something that you and your friends will all love to take apart in. You will also want to ensure that the party is affordable (so you can do it again next year!), have a great location, and provide the thrill of speed.

If this sounds like your dream birthday party, then you need to book it at Formula Kartways! Here is why having a birthday party at Formula Kartways will make your summer unforgettable.


The prices we offer at Formula Kartways are unbeatable! If your birthday party will have more than seven people, the starting rate is $70 (plus tax) per person. This gets you three races of 20 laps or two races of 30 laps. The best part is that your birthday party will be a private event, meaning you will only be racing against the people you can always hold bragging rights over when you beat them! Birthday parties also feature a race director so you know the races will be fair and they can give some insider tips on how to drive faster.

**Please note that if you book a birthday party for a Friday or Saturday night from 6pm-9pm, the birthday party rate goes to $80 (plus tax).**

Great Location

Located at 79 Bramsteele Road, near the intersection of Rutherford and Steeles, just off of the 410, Formula Kartways is conveniently placed so that anybody in Brampton, Mississauga, and Toronto can easily access it. No matter where your friends and family live or work in the GTA, they will be able to attend your birthday party to celebrate and show off their racing skills to try to take you down on the track.

Do You Have the Need for Speed?

If you have always wanted to feel like a professional racer and feel the thrill of driving a kart at top speeds than go-karting at Formula Kartways is a great way to get those feelings! Our track is long and sprawling, giving you the opportunity to floor it on straight away, perfect your turns, and shave seconds off your best time by following the best racing lines. If you want the most adrenaline-pumping birthday party that will be fun for all your friends and family, then you need to book yours at Formula Kartways Today! Don’t worry about cutting down your guest list either; we can easily accommodate large groups! All you need to do is let us know how many people will be attending your party so we can get everything ready to go so you can have your best birthday party yet!

To book your birthday party now, you can give us a call at 905-459-1073.


All credit goes to Formula Kartways