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 Go Karting

Feel the wind on your face as you jet down our indoor go-karting racetrack that is open all year. Formula Kartways located in Brampton is open to racers of all levels from beginners to experts. Come with your colleagues, friends and family for a fun night out or book a private event and make it a challenge.

For over 25 years Formula Kartways is located on 79 Bramsteele Road. Year after year, we improve our karts, or track and customer service. For over two decades, it is no wonder why Formula Kartways is one of the best places to race indoors in Canada! If you haven’t been here in a while or if this is your first time, drop by and test your skill on the track. Our upgraded times of scoring software will show you your results so you can compare how you did.

If you want to book your group party, please click our booking form to secure your time slot and get an event planner.

Go Karting Tips to Make You a Pro

Karting is a physical sport that requires your mind and body to be in an excellent condition. If you are feeling tired and unwell, it’s best to reschedule or sit out until you feel better. Similarly, if while on tracks you don’t feel fully in control, turn down your speed. Most importantly, enjoy yourself. People perform extremely well at things they enjoy doing! Do not over-analyze your capabilities and instead enjoy your driving. Read More

What to Do This Summer

Summer is coming fast! But really, this spring is already feeling like summer! There are so many things that you can enjoy the heat, but sometimes the weather outside gets to be a bit too much to handle. If you are looking for a fun activity to do indoors this summer, then look no further than Formula Kartways. Go Karting is a great activity for learning patience and perseverance; it has health benefits and is a great team-building activity as well. This summer you should get yourself to Formula Kartways and reap the benefits of indoor go-karting. Here are the reasons you should come this summer and try it out. Read More

Must-Haves for a Perfect Birthday Party

If you are planning a birthday party for yourself or a friend this summer and you want it to be deemed the “Best Party of the Year,” you are going to want to plan something they will never forget! You will want to plan something that you and your friends will all love to take apart in. You will also want to ensure that the party is affordable (so you can do it again next year!), have a great location, and provide the thrill of speed. Read More

The Benefits of Team-Building Activities

If you are in the corporate world, hearing the term Team Building Activities may make you dread what is coming next. We have all been in those meetings where a motivational speaker comes in with some not-so-fun games to play in hopes to help your team grow and work better together. Since it’s 2018, it’s time to reinvent how we handle team-building activities because they can offer many benefits for your company while keeping your employees happy and engaged. Read More

Tips for Becoming a Faster Go Kart Driver

There isn’t much better than feeling the adrenaline as you race your way around the track, trying to outrace your fellow go-kart competitors. If you want to get a cutting edge and start winning more races, one of the things you need to improve on is your speed. If you are looking to shave a few seconds off of your lap times, you have come to the right place! Here are five insider secrets that will help you drive faster to get your finishing position higher. Read More

24 Hour Guinness World Record Event Jan 22 – 23, 2018.

It is with great pleasure that Formula Kartways, in association with The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation is hosting an attempt at the Guinness World Record for Greatest Distance for indoor go-karting in 24hrs. Our Champion driver for the attempt is Brampton native Matthew Hayley. Our General Manager and Advanced Driving Instructor, Shaun de Jager has been acting as Matt’s Coach and has been training Matt 4-5 days a week for months leading up to the event. Read More

Why Go Karting is great for Corporate Events

When it comes to corporate events, what do you think of? Most people likely think of a fancy dinner in a banquet hall, or maybe a company barbeque in a park, and this is perfectly reasonable. Many companies plan corporate events just like this, and they often go very well. But if you want to do something different when it comes to corporate events, go-karting could be Read More

Health Benefits to Go Karting

Everyone knows that driving a Go Karting is a great way to have fun, and re-enact those Mario Kart games. Go Karting is a great way to boost adrenaline, and a fun activity to do with your friends and family. Not only is this a fun and interactive outing, but it can also give you many benefits such as developing better reflexes, learning about safety and how to control a vehicle. Read More