Health Benefits to Go Karting

Everyone knows that driving a Go-Kart is a great way to have fun, and re-enact those Mario Kart games. Go Karting is a great way to boost adrenaline, and a fun activity to do with your friends and family. Not only is this a fun and interactive outing, it can give you many benefits such as developing better reflexes, learning about safety and how to control a vehicle. Read More

Need For Speed

Tuesday nights starting in October, are only for serious speed demons! Faster karts, G2 drivers license is required as well as a drivers briefing from our in-house driving expert/instructor.

ATTN: Max 40 people

Price: $55

5pm – 7pm: Unlimited driving
7pm – 9pm: Qualifying & Racing
9pm – 11pm: Open Lapping at regular pricing

Membership: $10

This is not open to the general public (members only) and only skilled drivers with the right attitude should consider it. Drivers must be approved by our Instructor.