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About Formula Kartways – Indoor Go Karting

Formula Kartways is celebrating it’s 22nd Anniversary this year and we are proud to say it is still the same management team. Founded in 1994 by David Tennyson, an ex pro racer. Although he no longer races, he coaches professional drivers around the world. David brings the racing edge to Formula Kartways and it shows in our technical track layout and modified K-1 karts he custom built for speed and performance.

For the last 22 years to date we are still located at 79 Bramsteele Road in Brampton. Just because we were in the same location doesn’t mean we didn’t make any changes. Our front entrance is now located at the north side of the building facing Bramsteele. We upgraded our karts, built a brand new all barrier track and improved our ventilation system. In the near future we will introduce a brand new timing and scoring software for even more stats for each driver. As we continue to improve our business, we are always looking for ways to be the best and stay that way. I guess you can say it is in our competitive nature.

Formula Kartways is open for business 7 days as week. In the winter hours, we are open after 5pm weekly and 1pm-1am Saturdays and 1pm-10pm on Sunday. During the summer and on holidays we are open by 1pm. To book a group party any time of the day, book ahead using our booking form.